One08 Agency

About Us and our Creative and Digital Strategies.

Campaigns and Strategies that will make you capitalise on your brand’s digital potential!

Our Core Values.

We don’t have clients, we have partners. We take pride in our collaboration and strive to see your success!


We believe that honesty is pivotal in any relationship. That is why we ensure that our communication with you is completely honest, reliable and friendly!

We understand that it requires a great amount trust to allow others to design, create and strategise for your business.


Work Ethic

Work Hard, Work Smart.

We strive to create vision into reality, and we understand that it happens through consorted efforts.

We promise to deliver 100% effort to ensure that your business is getting best value!



We believe that consistency is key and that is why we strive to deliver quality results throughout to ensure that your business prospers!

Who We Are

We are a driven and growing digital agency based in Melbourne. Working closely with you, we aim to create, design and strategise the best solutions to help you scale your business. We understand how the digital space works and are eager to help you create your best solutions!


Our Approach

We know that the world is modernising, with new creations, methods and strategies breaking through every day. That is why our approach is based around learning, implementing and growing. We take pride in our creativeness and modernising our strategies and methods, refusing to solely stick to the conventional methods. That is why we are here to ensure that your business growth continues!

Our Promise

We know how it feels to pay for something and not receive the full satisfaction of it. That is why we promise to ensure that you are happy with the product and service, before any transaction is made, and if you are not, we are available 7 days a week to ensure that your business’s requirements are met! We strive to present you with the best possible design, creation, marketing, growth and service.

View the Digital Marketing Services.

We work with you to optimise the digital presence for your business, enable its growth and to further build your brand!

Google Ads

There are 5.6 billion Google searches everyday, and we work with you to help you reach your targets and accomplish your goals.

Social Media Marketing

With over 3 billion social media users, we work with you to create successful campaigns that generate you leads that convert!

Email Marketing

We design, optimize and build email campaigns, allowing your business to be in touch with your current and new customers.

Campaign Optimization

We audit and optimize your marketing campaigns, making your campaign reach its maximum potential.

Digital Strategy

We work with you to create and deliver a strategy that is going to produce results and achieve your business goals.


We answer all of your questions and discuss ideas, strategies, and review your exisiting campaigns.

How We Started

Embarking on our digital agency journey from a daily morning university classroom, we adventured into trying to build a dynamic digital agency, fueled by purpose, and driven by results. As named back then, AnalytIQ Technologies, our digital prowess allowed us to collaborate with stellar brands, from exciting and amazing SMEs to industry leaders.

Our passion lies in sculpting stunning websites, that represent your brand, to orchestrating search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media strategies to boost your brands digital presence, to promoting brands through the art of digital marketing. We take pride in guiding and growing your brand towards new heights, ensuring it exceeds your brand’s digital goals and expectations. 

Let’s Work Together on achieving your brands Digital Marketing Goals.

We are keen to learn about your vision and help you make it into a reality!