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Rank #1 on Google

Your website is 10x more likely to be clicked on when ranking first on Google, than number 10.

Content Optimisation

Our experts will ensure that your website content is relevant to your brand, as well as, being optimised with researched keywords.

On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

Ensuring that all of the SEO tasks on your website, and SEO tasks that are based off the website, are taken care of on a regular basis, for a smooth SEO process, and better SEO results.

SEO Audit

We do a complete SEO audit of your website, showing what can be improved for better SEO results.

Keyword Optimisation

Receive new, updated, keywords with our Search Engine Optimisation service. This ensures the ability to constantly test and adapt keywords to improve your website’s rankings.

SEO Strategy

We research, audit and understand your brand, your consumer, and your website, in oder to develop a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy that is powerful and tailored to driving results for your brand.

Why you need Search Engine Optimisation?

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, cultivating a strong digital presence is essential for brand success. A robust digital footprint, shaped by strategic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts, positions your brand prominently on Google, securing first-page rankings in Melbourne, Australia. This tailored approach enhances visibility, fosters credibility, and builds trust, crucial elements for lead generation, conversions, brand awareness, and maintaining a stellar brand reputation. Embrace a comprehensive digital and SEO strategy to optimise the potential of your brand’s search engine rankings and presence, in this competitive digital era.

Our Guarantee

Results In 90 Days Or We Work For Free.

Transform your brand’s organic traffic with our 90-day SEO program, designed to deliver genuine results and grow your rankings. Experience the  impact of growth, increase in traffic, and visibility with a proven SEO strategy. If you don’t see any growth in your SEO traffic within 90 days, we will work for free.

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Our client’s have reached their goals, targets and had great successes!

Nibbles Desserts.

in Monthly Revenue

Google My Business Views (Monthly)

Search Impressions

Honest and Ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services.

Crafting an honest SEO strategy is crucial for sustainable online success. Honest SEO practices prioritize transparency, ethical methods, and compliance with search engine guidelines. By focusing on user experience, quality content, and genuine engagement, businesses can achieve long-term benefits, building trust with both search engines and users alike.


Honesty is the core of sustainable online success with SEO. Honest SEO practices center around transparency, ethical methodologies, and strict adherence to search engine guidelines. Our practices prioritise user experience, delivering quality content, and fostering genuine user engagement. The benefits of honest SEO extend beyond immediate gains, building trust with both search engines and users, ultimately leading to long-term, meaningful local SEO and global SEO results.


Navigating the landscape of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) demands a commitment to honesty and transparency. Ethical SEO practices, aligned with Google’s guidelines, prioritise user experience, quality content, and genuine engagement. Achieving a high Search Engine Ranking on Google requires a focus on transparent SEO strategies, ensuring sustained success and building trust with both search engines and users over time.

View our Other Projects.

Our client’s have reached their goals, targets and had great successes!

The Digital Strategy that allowed Nibbles to boost their Digital Presence.


The digital strategy that helped award winning dessert shop, Nibbles,  generate over 150,000 impressions on Instagram, reach over 62,000 individuals on facebook, and be ranked on the first page on Google for various searches.


The Paid Social Ads Campaigns that helped Story Tellers Co. amplify ticket sales.


The Paid Social Media Marketing Campaign that helped Story Tellers Co., generate over 1,150 targeted leads, an estimated 500% ROI, a 410% increase in Facebook page likes and a 460% increase  in Facebook page reach, among many other results.


Building Kneadasoothe's Web Presence


We worked with the team at Kneadasoothe, to help revamp their website, building a User Interface that is aligned to the brand’s vision and values, as well as, promoting an optimal User Experience. We also worked on Local SEO, helping them rank on the first page on Google for various searches.


The B2B Marketing Campaign that showcased the services of industry leader, Pricing Insight.


The B2B Marketing campaign, focusing on LinkedIn Marketing, for Industry Leader, Pricing Insight, and newly developed Pricing University. The campaigns were able to generate over 200 targeted leads, and over 38,000 targetted impressions.


Choosing the right Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency for your brand?

Define Objectives: Clarify your SEO goals – be it boosting website traffic, increasing you search engine rankings, or generating leads. Find a SEO agency specialising in your desired outcomes.

Research & Compare: Explore various SEO agencies, assessing services, experience, and client reviews. Ensure they have industry expertise and a proven track record of delivering results.

Effective Communication: Seamless communication is paramount. BE sure to partner with a SEO agency this is responsive and has transparent communication regarding strategy and progress. 

Pricing and Cost: Prioritize value over cost. Look for fair pricing and a guarantee of tangible results, steering clear of the temptation of choosing solely based on affordability.

Transparency Matters: Opt for an SEO agency with transparent methods, avoiding those employing black hat techniques that contravene search engine guidelines.

Why One08 Digital: Meet all the criteria effortlessly. Connect with our specialists today to discover how One08 Agency’s tailored SEO services can elevate your business to new heights.

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